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Terms and Conditions

1. Shopping Cart
Next to each listed product is an "Add to Cart" button. Clicking the button will add the respective product to your private Shopping Cart, and will take you to the Shopping Cart page. At this point you can either proceed to complete the transaction, i.e. check out, or return to browsing other products.

On each page a summary of the contents of your cart can be seen in the page footer. The cart is automatically emptied when you exit your web browser application. You can also manually empty it anytime from the Shopping Cart page.

2. Payment Methods
Our chosen partner for credit card transactions for all customers is PayPal, the biggest credit card processor on the Internet. When paying by credit card you will be taken to PayPal's secure payment page to complete the transaction. Given this arrangement we will never come into contact with your credit card details. We will merely receive a notice of your payment.

For Finnish customers, we provide two manual methods of payment: "Postiennakko" and "Tilisiirto". In using of these payment methods, just follow the instructions on the Order Page.

3. Value Added Tax
As listed, all prices include 22% VAT. When ordering from outside of the European Union the portion of VAT will automatically be deducted from the prices at the point of check-out. To declare your VAT exempt status just select the option "USA, Canada, and other Countries" from the VAT status selection box when in the Shopping Cart page.

Or, if you are a European Union VAT registered company, and therefore exempt from having to pay VAT to another EU state, our check-out process will, then also, deduct the portion of VAT for you. Again, just select the appropriate choice from the VAT status selection box when in the Shopping Cart page.

In this latter case, however, EU and Finnish laws require that the buyer (You) provide us with your VAT ID Number. This is a string consisting of a two-character country code followed by eight digits, looking something like this: "FI12345678". Therefore, should you want to take advantage of this option, please specify your VAT ID Number in the "Special Requests" field on the Order Page.

We regret that, should you, when placing your order, specify EU VAT exempt status and pay the VAT excluded price, but fail to provide a valid VAT ID Number or name for your company, we can not ship your order. In this case we will contact you by e-mail to let you know about the problem.

4. Shipping
All items are shipped always by priority mail except the books which will be posted by economy mail (outside the EU). If you have special requests concerning shipping, or if you, for example, want to place a very large order, feel free to contact us first to discuss other possible shipping options.

5. Our Return Policy
You may return any item sold by us within 14 days of delivery for a full refund. We will also pay the return shipping cost if the return is a result of our error.

Note, however, that we will not refund an item that is not in its original condition, is damaged, or is missing parts. Similarly, we will not refund a book that has obvious signs of use, or a CD (or DVD) disk that has been taken out of its plastic wrap or seal.

In all cases, feel free to contact us by e-mail and we will guide you through the return process.

6. Online Security & Privacy
As mentioned above, in no part of the transaction process will we come in to contact with your credit card details. There is, therefore, no chance of us misappropriating them. Also, while we do temporarily need your physical delivery address (in order to ship the goods) and your e-mail address (in case there is a need to contact you about the order) our servers do not permanently store this information anywhere. This guarantees that even if the server was compromised this would not impose any risk to our customers' privacy. The downside of this is that in repeat purchases you will need to retype your contact information, but we hope that the added sense of security and privacy more than makes up for this inconvenience.

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