Markku Lepistö

"Lepistö is a master with the touch of an angel" – Mark D. Moss, Sing Out Magazine

Markku Lepistö

Petri Hakala & Markku Lepistö

On the tracks of the old masters.

PETRI HAKALA – mandolin, guitars
MARKKU LEPISTÖ – diatonic accordion

The Duo Petri Hakala & Markku Lepistö was formed already in late 1990´s after various jam sessions where they find their musical ambitions and playing styles similar. The guiding star of the duo has always been fusing the sound and styles of mandolin and accordion traditions with the freedom of duo playing. Their music and playing is full of spontaneity and improvisation connected to the finnish traditional music and contemporary folk music composed by both players.


Petri Hakala has been involved in the Finnish folk music scene over 30 years playing mandolins, guitar and fiddle. His musical career started with guitar playing at the age of 11. Towards the end of the 1970s he got interested in American old-time music and bluegrass and started his long journey with mandolin and guitar. Petri has worked as a studio musician with over 50 records and released two solo albums.


Markku Lepistö hails from Kuortane, Southern Ostrobothnia. Heavily influenced by the local folk music tradition and his fiddle playing father he started to play accordion by ear at the age of five. Local player were his first teachers. Markku Lepistö is now one of the most respected Finnish folk accordionists with over 30 years of music career. His skills on both diatonic and chromatic accordions are recognized worldwide.  He has studied at the Sibelius-Academy Folk Music Department and got the doctoral degree in music  in 2016.


Petri Hakala and Markku Lepistö released their debut album ” On the tracks of the old players” already in 2001. Their long-awaited new album “Nordic Route” with original compositions in folk and world music styles was released on Jan 11th 2020.


Nordic Route, 2020

Nordic Route (2020)


  1. Kipinä – reel –

  2. Sateen jälkeen – waltz –

  3. Montmagny – reel –

  4. Rapusaari – schottish –

  5. Hetken epäröinti – tango –

  6. Kilsanmäki – schottish –

  7. Degerby – polska –

  8. Pickwick – jig –

  9. Rantatie – waltz –

  10. Punta Secca – milonga –

  11. Kaipaus – ballad –


Pelimannien jäljillä (2001)


  1. Taklax

  2. Tähtipyörä

  3. Suksitehtaan sottiisi

  4. Aarnio

  5. Mäkeläänen ja Tallari

  6. Einari

  7. Kaukana lännessä

  8. Botnia

  9. Haudanmaa ja Peli-Jussi

  10. Paavokallion Martti

  11. Hääpolska

  12. Korpiselkä




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